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Sand temple,masa biome,2 villages For Minecraft PE

Go back to get to masa and follow river to get to temple. Seed: Lol55me  

La Isla – A survival experience For Minecraft PE

The perfect spot for a survival game: an island with just one tree. Every animal get spawned on the island. No entrance to the ground, but I’ve digged a lot and I’ve found a

Minecraft pe seeds: Double Desert Temple

“Double Desert Temple” is a great seed to use for your next survival adventure. In this seed just a little further away from spawn you will find two desert temples which include loads of

Minecraft pe seeds: Beautifull Starters Seed

“Beautifull Starters Seed” is a beautifull seed if you started yet with minecraft. And if you love to build some big city’s skyscrapers etcetera , then is this the  seed for you.   Seed: bdhejem

5 Villages 4 Temples in the Same Seed

This seed has 5 Villages, 4 Temples, and so much more! Let’s get started! Go forwards from spawn until you see a desert. There are two options: go left or go straight. Here are

5 Villages + 4 Temples + Ghost Villages

This seed is Here To Show you About 5 Village And 4 Temple .. The Village 1 Is in the Front Of You ( In Your Spawn Point ) The Village 2 Is In

Minecraft pe seeds: Unusual Double Village

In “Unusual Double Village seed” you will spawn close to a double village. It is quite unique because of the differently generated houses. One good example is the farm which is generated on top

Seeds for minecraft pe: Island Village With Blacksmith

In “Island Village With Blacksmith” you  will be able to get some amazing loot from a blacksmith. The village itself is very unique as almost the entire village has been generated in the water.

Minecraft pe seeds: Mushroom Island

 In “Mushroom Island seed” you will be spawning on a normal grass island which is located very near a medium-sized mushroom island. Seed: -788600439

Seeds for minecraft pe: Epic Overhangs & Floating Islands

In “Epic Overhangs & Floating Islands” you will experience a challenging and dramatic type of terrain with big mountains, massive overhangs and floating islands? If that interests you we can assure you that this