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Smart Flying House [Redstone] For Minecraft PE

This redstone map features a nice little house which can fly. Basically it is a machine which has been built next to the house and once started it will start pushing the house in

10 Piston Creations [Redstone] For Minecraft PE

If you are looking for some inspiration for your own worlds then this map is a must-have. Even if you have maybe seen some of them before we are almost certain it got something

Automatic House Builder [Redstone] For Minecraft PE

This map is an amazing redstone machine which can be used for building a really simple cobblestone house. And even though it’s probably easier to build the house by hand it’s still cool to

28 Redstone Creations [Redstone] For Minecraft PE

This map features 28 different redstone creations. And most of which include at least one of the new redstone features like pistons and observers blocks which are available in version 0.15 of Minecraft Pocket

Slimeblock Megaplane [Redstone] For Minecraft PE

“Slimeblock Megaplane” is a fully functional airplane entirely made out of redstone parts and slimeblocks. It can hold up to 10 passengers and can fly for an infinite amount of time which surely makes

10 Clever Redstone Creations [Redstone] For Minecraft PE

In this map 10 Clever Redstone Creations which can be used (or built) by users who have got the latest (0.15) version of Minecraft Pocket Edition. You find a flying machine, traps and lots

5 Activator Rails Uses [Redstone] For Minecraft PE

Finding out the various uses for redstone is actually fun. But some things are nearly impossible to discover all by yourself so here today we share a map which will describe 5 unique uses

Minecraft pe maps: Controllable Display [Redstone]

This map is a huge redstone map which includes a display screen (64 pixels). In “Controllable Display map” you can create unique images and save them to a redstone powered memory. And the image

Minecraft pe maps: Redstone Puzzle Map

This map was released by the Mojang team to showcase all the new redstone features (comparators, repeaters, dispensers and droppers) which are available in the new 0.14 version of Minecraft Pocket Edition. And you

Minecraft maps pe : Automatic Sorting Machine [Redstone]

This is a redstone machine which can recycle and sort items. It’s very well put together and easy to use.  Creator: Vincent Carmelo