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BrainGames 4 [Puzzle] For Minecraft PE

This is a puzzle map with six levels. It is a bit smaller than the previous maps but it is nonetheless some complicated puzzels which require a calm and focused mind. Rules Don’t skip

BrainGames 3 [Puzzle] For Minecraft PE

This is a puzzle map which takes advantage of some of the new redstone features in 0.15. In total there are 10 different levels and in each one you will find yourself in a

Redstone Master 2 [Parkour] [Puzzle] For Minecraft PE

This map provides the perfect challenge to test your redstone skills with a combination of parkour. In each level you will be provided a blueprint for the redstone and you have to use block

Do You Know 0.15 ? For Minecraft PE

Hi, how much do you actually know about 0.15? Do you understand the new observer and piston blocks? You find out in this puzzle map and try to complete all six challenges. If you

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes PE [Puzzle] For Minecraft PE

This is a co-op puzzle map originally created for the PC version of Minecraft but is now ported to Pocket Edition. It is a fun puzzle map which require at least two players who

The Last Room [Puzzle] For Minecraft PE

This is a redstone puzzle map with 10 different levels consisting of different redstone challenges. Levers, repeaters and pistons are just few of the redstone blocks which have been used to create this challenging

BrainGames 2 [Puzzle] For Minecraft PE

This is a puzzle map where you need to understand the complexity of redstone mechanisms which need to occur in order for the door to open which leads to the next level. You don’t

Trick Challenge [Puzzle] For Minecraft PE

This really is a puzzle map and a scowcase of things which you probably did not  learn about  Minecraft. There are 26 different rooms and almost all of them include some type of challenge.

Impossibility [Puzzle] [Parkour] For Minecraft PE

This is a map with a number of tests which you as a test subject have to go through and complete in order to be released out in the free again. If you are

Minecraft pe maps: Kaizo World PE [Parkour] [Puzzle]

This is a fun map mixed with lots of parkour, puzzles and traps. It is inspired by Kaizo Mario World which is a modified version of the 1990 Super Mario World video game.  Creator: StrikerTeam