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Minecraft mods pe : Tron Bike Mod

Tron Bike Mod adds the two bikes to Minecraft PE. Creator: h25062001  

Minecraft pe mods: Instant Structure Mod

In “Instant Structure Mod” it currently includes 67 structures, but (hopefully many) more will be added later. Creator: wilco375

Minecraft mods pe: ExpChest PE Mod

Experience is a valuable commodity in Minecraft used for enchanting and anvils. Whenever you go out on an adventure you immediately opt-in for the possibility of losing it all because if you die all

Minecraft pe mods: DecoLights Mod

This mod you can also use dyes to give the lights the color of your liking. Block IDs & Crafting Recipes Lantern (410) – 7 stones + 2 torches Ceiling Light (411) – 3

Minecraft pocket edition mods: Dynamic Lights PE Mod

With “Dynamic Lights PE Mod” you are in a cave where it’s very dark. At here you need to do is to hold one of the five items in your hand to light up

Minecraft pe mods: Elemental Swords Mod

In this mod adds eight new swords and each of them got a unique power which is somehow connected to its element. You find one of the swords will cause something like a tornado

Minecraft pe mods: Toolbox Mod

With ‘Toolbox Mod” you can quickly  to access all kinds of blocks and items and changing settings in-game such as the weather, the gamemode and much more. Features Access all existing items & blocks

Minecraft pe mods: Pocket Force Field Systems (PFFS) Mod

This is a mod which makes it possible to protect your property and other valuable belongings from possible intruders. In this mod the force field is impossible to destroy which lets you rest assure

Minecraft mods pe: Super Stair Sitter 2000 Mod

In “Super Stair Sitter 2000 Mod” you  possible to sit in Minecraft PE. In this mod, currently it’s only possible to sit on stairs but in the future it will be possible to detect a

Minecraft pe mods: Miners Detector Mod

How to use? The tool (compass, ID: 345) searches for coal, iron, gold, diamonds, redstone, emeralds and lazuli that are at least within a reach of 4 blocks in any direction. This means that