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BossFighter [Minigame] For Minecraft PE

This is a quite enjoyable map to experience.. BossFighter features five different boss levels. The bosses range from everything from a destructive fighter jet to a robot which has gone haywire and wants to

Don’t Take Damage (Modded Map!) [Minigame] For Minecraft PE

This is a quite self-explanatory map. In each level you will spawn with just a tiny bit of health and you have to carefully make your way down to the bottom of the level

Rainbow Jumper [Minigame] For Minecraft PE

This map is a unique and fun minigame. Avoid the wool blocks by moving from one side to another. If you get hit by one there is a good chance you will die and

MCPE Master Dropper [Minigame] For Minecraft PE

This map was created to celebrate the first anniversary of MCPE Master. It is a dropper map with eight unique and as expected awesome looking levels. You might recognize the design from the Mega

Skyblock Biome [Survival] Map for Minecraft PE

This map is a world consisting of 9 different islands each resembling a biome in Minecraft. It is a challenging survival map as it requires you to use only the resources found on each

Hunting Territory [PvP] [Minigame] For Minecraft PE

This map is a really fun minigame and PvP map which requires at least two players. There are hunter(s) and prey. Hunters are supposed to use bow and arrows to shoot down the prey

Dropper IB 2 [Minigame] For Minecraft PE

This map consists of 10 different dropper levels. If you have never played any dropper maps before then this map is suitable as most levels are fairly easy to complete. It is a quite

Dropper IB [Minigame] For Minecraft PE

This is minigame with four different levels. Even though it is a fairly small map it’s definitely worth to play if you enjoy dropper maps. Basically the objective in each level is to drop

Dropper IB 3 [Minigame] For Minecraft PE

In this map the objective is to drop down and avoid all obstacles and then ultimately splash down into the water. Usually the area of the water consists of just one block so you

The Obstacles (Horse Racing) [Minigame] For Minecraft PE

This map is so far the largest horse racing track for Minecraft Pocket Edition. It features a big obstacle course with loads of obstacles. And some of the set traps are deadly so you