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Minecraft pe seeds: Extreme Mountains

In “Extreme Mountains seed” you will spawn very close to some extreme mountains which almost touch the clouds. And this is not an easy task. So you can turn it into an adventure to

Minecraft pe seeds: Savannah Mountain Village & Desert Temples

“Savannah Mountain Village & Desert Temples” is a seed in and  you can choose from several directions to go in to explore different interesting things. In this seed you take a turn to your

Minecraft seeds pe: Savannah Mountain Village

“Savannah Mountain Village” is a seed which will spawn you close to a savannah mountain village. And you see more than half of the village has been generated on the top of a mountain

Minecraft pe seeds: Massive Temple (with 34 Gold Ingots)

In “Massive Temple seed” you find  three temples. Two of the temples have been generated right next to each other which make them appear as one large building. And more than thirty gold ingots

Minecraft seeds pe: Two Desert Temples & Two Savannah Villages

In “Two Desert Temples & Two Savannah Villages seed” you will come across two desert temples. You will find it in front of spawn and the other can be found buried in the sand,

Minecraft pe seeds: Three Temples & One Village at Spawn

In “Three Temples & One Village at Spawn” you will spawn in a village. In this seed surrounding the village are three separate temples all with quite amazing loot to find just when start

Minecraft seeds pe: Snow Village

In “Snow Village seed” villages are generated on the border of two different biomes. Items: 2 emeralds 2 gold ingots 3 bread loaves 2 apples 3 ink sacs Seed: 1404809164

Minecraft pe seeds: Double Temple & Extreme Mountains

In “Double Temple & Extreme Mountains” you will spawn right next to a double temple. It is two temples which has been generated closely together making it appear as one large temple. 2 emeralds

Minecraft seeds pe: Two Desert Temples

In this seed you turn to your right and cross over the river to get to the desert. You must continue just straight ahead crossing over the desert for a while. And then after

Minecraft seeds pe: Amazing Temple in Front of Spawn

In “Amazing Temple in Front of Spawn” you find a desert temple then here’s a great option for you. And literally in front of spawn there’s a temple and it got a lot of