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Two Jungle Temples Close to Spawn Seed For Minecraft PE

In “Two Jungle Temples Close to Spawn seed” you will find yourself in the depths of a huge jungle biome. You will need at least version 0.15 of Minecraft PE in order for this

Three Snow Villages Seed For Minecraft PE

“Three Snow Villages” is a seed which demonstrates the new snow villages in version 0.15.0 of Minecraft Pocket Edition. In this seed the houses in the snow villages look slightly darker than in ordinary

Minecraft seeds pe: Dungeon in a Village

In this seed besides providing a great challenge for the player to explore they can also be used for building some kind of automatic mob grinder for loot. Dungeons are normally generated deep underground.

Minecraft seeds pe: Triple Desert Village

“Triple Desert Village” is a seed where you will spawn not far from an enormous triple village. In this seed the village have 24 farms, two blacksmiths and more than 20 houses. And there

5 Villages 4 Temples in the Same Seed

This seed has 5 Villages, 4 Temples, and so much more! Let’s get started! Go forwards from spawn until you see a desert. There are two options: go left or go straight. Here are

5 Villages + 4 Temples + Ghost Villages

This seed is Here To Show you About 5 Village And 4 Temple .. The Village 1 Is in the Front Of You ( In Your Spawn Point ) The Village 2 Is In

Minecraft seeds pe: Cool and beautiful seed!

In this seed you can build beautiful things on this landscape. Mountains, overhangings, everything is in this seed. Beautiful landscapes etcetra. Please give some feedback. Finally we have the 1.2 version. Look at the ‘Updates’

Minecraft seeds pe: Double Temple! 6 Temples 3 Villages!

Almost Double Temple next to Almost Double Village! You turn right at spawn and head forwards until you run into two temples! Next to them are two villages, one forwards and one to the

Minecraft pe seeds: Triple Village & Desert Temples

In “Triple Village & Desert Temples seed” we will show you how to find a really cool triple mountain village with two blacksmiths. And you see not far from the triple village you will

Minecraft pe seeds: Extreme Mountain Landscape

In “Extreme Mountain Landscape seed” you will be able to find amazingly large mountains which are surrounded by a large ocean. And in fact no land connecting the mountains and as a result you