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Throwable Explosives Mod For Minecraft PE

This mod adds 8 pieces of explosive dynamites. The pieces are slightly different from ordinary TNT blocks as they cause a wide range of different explosions and all of them can only explode by

3D Blocks Mod For Minecraft PE

This mod adds six 3D blocks to the game. All except one block (the lucky block) are blocks which already exist in Minecraft Pocket Edition. They work really well to use as decorations but

Fast Teleport Mod For Minecraft PE

This mod adds a simple but extremely useful feature that will allow you to teleport easily. Set up a teleportation block on multiple locations and teleport between them just by tapping on the teleportation

IdeaCraft Mod For Minecraft PE

Exactly what does an old train, a lucky block and a hamster cage have in common? Absolutely nothing. The thought of IdeaCraft is to add anything which is uncommon but can in some way

Minecraft mods pe: Pandora’s Box Mod

In this mod “the Pandora’s Box” is a mysterious and magical box in Greek mythology. And now it has been implemented in Minecraft Pocket Edition too. You will find some include diamond fountains, TNT

Minecraft pe mods: Attachable Grinder PE Mod

This mod adds a grinder item which can be attached to any type of mob. And the grinder will harvest the animal for its meat. It is a much more refined process compared to

More Mutant Creatures Mod For Minecraft PE

This mod adds 8 mutant creatures. And all of the mobs use customized player models to provide a new and hopefully more scary appearance. They have to be spawned using spawn eggs but they

Minecraft pe mods: Command Blocks Mod

This is incredibly useful because it can be used for executing text commands in Minecraft. And it is only triggered when there’s a redstone signal active. The block can process javascript and custom commands

Minecraft pe mods: Rock Stars Mod

This is the mod for you, always wanted to become a famous rock star or do you just love music and would like to be able to experiment with it in Minecraft? This mod

Minecraft pe mods: Battle Towers PE Mod

This mod adds randomly generating towers to the game. In “Battle Towers PE Mod” the towers have multiple levels and your objective is to reach the top where an epic boss battle will take