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Reversal Dropper (Modded Map!) [Minigame] For Minecraft PE

This kind of map is much similar to the ordinary dropper minigame but rather than dropping downward you will be falling upward. Your goal is to avoid the obstacles and reach the ceiling of

The Heat Village [Creation] For Minecraft PE

This map is a medium-sized village with a surrounding wall structure which acts as fortification. The entire village is maintained redstone lamps which are switched on when it’s night time. There are also golems

Connect Four (Modded Map!) [Minigame] For Minecraft PE

This really is a modded minigame for 2 players. To win the overall game a player must connect four sand blocks width wise, vertically or diagonally. Because it’s a modded minigame you can play

Soccer [Minigame] For Minecraft PE

This map is absolutely hilarious and an amazingly clever minigame for all you soccer enthusiasts out there. Soccer in Minecraft is similar to soccer in real life except that you will be utilizing a villager

Murder Mystery 2: The Mine – For Minecraft PE

This map is a really fun minigame if you are in least 4 players. All players will privately be assigned roles and one of you will be the murderer. The murderer’s role is to

Hunger Games Forest Arena [PvP] For Minecraft PE

This kind of map is an amazing PvP arena exquisite for being hungry games. The surroundings are only forest but there are lots of boxes hidden throughout the forest to create an incentive for

Minecraft pe maps: Little City [Creation]

This is a small city built in the old world size of Minecraft Pocket Edition. You find a few skyscrapers, bridges and roads leading to the center of the city. It is not exactly

Minecraft pe maps: Crossy Road PE (Modded Map!) [Minigame]

This is an amazingly fun modded minigame which is based on the popular Crossy Road app for Android and iOS. You try to make your way to the finish by crossing all the roads.

Minecraft pe maps: Archery Challenges [Minigame]

In “Archery Challenges map” there are five Archery Challenges where you have to use a bow and arrow to shoot a few different buttons to open a door which leads on to the next

30 Seconds 4 [Minigame] For Minecraft PE

“30 Seconds 4″ is the fourth map in the fun modded map minigame series known as 30 Seconds.  In total there are four levels with a total of 16 different questions to be answered.