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Automatic House Builder [Redstone] For Minecraft PE

This map is an amazing redstone machine which can be used for building a really simple cobblestone house. And even though it’s probably easier to build the house by hand it’s still cool to

Test 2 [Puzzle] For Minecraft PE

In this map the computers have decided to lock you up in some type of lab and let you go through a series of tests. Will you pass the tests or be locked up

Fantasy Town [Creation] For Minecraft PE

In Fantasy Town map you will find yourself in a cute town built in a medieval and fantasy style. It is a fairly small town but it could serve as a great starting point

Minecraft pe maps: Peirasmos Realm [Adventure]

This is an adventure map which have been in the works for more than 10 months. The result is absolutely amazing with tens of levels to complete packed with riddles, parkour, mazes and puzzles.

Minecraft pe maps: 16 Little Constructions [Creation]

This map features 16 little constructions which are either furniture or any  type of decoration  which you can  add to your  own worlds. It is a really inspirational map with lots of amazingly realistic

Reversal Dropper (Modded Map!) [Minigame] For Minecraft PE

This kind of map is much similar to the ordinary dropper minigame but rather than dropping downward you will be falling upward. Your goal is to avoid the obstacles and reach the ceiling of

Minecraft pe maps: GunCraftZE (Modded Map!) [Survival]

This is a modded map inspired by Call of Duty Zombies. It’s a really extreme survival minigame in which you have to work with weaponry such as pistols, weapons and a knife to fight

Minecraft pe maps: CubeS (Modded Map!) [Parkour]

This is a modded parkour map with 25 different levels. The levels are split up in three stages which include different challenges of shifting difficulties. The stages include static blocks, mobile blocks and then

The Heat Village [Creation] For Minecraft PE

This map is a medium-sized village with a surrounding wall structure which acts as fortification. The entire village is maintained redstone lamps which are switched on when it’s night time. There are also golems

Connect Four (Modded Map!) [Minigame] For Minecraft PE

This really is a modded minigame for 2 players. To win the overall game a player must connect four sand blocks width wise, vertically or diagonally. Because it’s a modded minigame you can play