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Fast Teleport Mod For Minecraft PE

This mod adds a simple but extremely useful feature that will allow you to teleport easily. Set up a teleportation block on multiple locations and teleport between them just by tapping on the teleportation

Minecraft mods pe: Pandora’s Box Mod

In this mod “the Pandora’s Box” is a mysterious and magical box in Greek mythology. And now it has been implemented in Minecraft Pocket Edition too. You will find some include diamond fountains, TNT

Minecraft pe mods: Attachable Grinder PE Mod

This mod adds a grinder item which can be attached to any type of mob. And the grinder will harvest the animal for its meat. It is a much more refined process compared to

More Mutant Creatures Mod For Minecraft PE

This mod adds 8 mutant creatures. And all of the mobs use customized player models to provide a new and hopefully more scary appearance. They have to be spawned using spawn eggs but they

Minecraft mods pe: Pocket Piston (Redstone +) Mod

In this mod you see Redstone in Pocket Edition is still not 100% what it is like for the PC version of Minecraft. And the idea of Pocket Piston (formerly known as Redstone +)

Minecraft pe mods: Command Blocks Mod

This is incredibly useful because it can be used for executing text commands in Minecraft. And it is only triggered when there’s a redstone signal active. The block can process javascript and custom commands

Minecraft pe mods: Battle Towers PE Mod

This mod adds randomly generating towers to the game. In “Battle Towers PE Mod” the towers have multiple levels and your objective is to reach the top where an epic boss battle will take

Minecraft pe mods: T-Rex Mod

This mod adds a Tyrannosaurus to the game which can be tamed and used as your pet dinosaur. It is the perfect weapon against large groups of monsters since it deals a lot of

Minecraft mods pe: Ore+ Mod

This mod adds four new types of ores to your world. They will generate at random, usually in caves and tunnels similarly to where the normal ores can be found. And the metals can

Minecraft pe mods: Corpse Mod (Horror Warning!)

This mod spawns a dead body (also known as corpse) for zombies when they die. And the body will lay there without much use but it definitely adds an extra layer of scary to