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Minecraft pe maps: Little City [Creation]

This is a small city built in the old world size of Minecraft Pocket Edition. You find a few skyscrapers, bridges and roads leading to the center of the city. It is not exactly

Minecraft pe maps: Crossy Road PE (Modded Map!) [Minigame]

This is an amazingly fun modded minigame which is based on the popular Crossy Road app for Android and iOS. You try to make your way to the finish by crossing all the roads.

Minecraft pe maps: Nothing (Modded Map!) [Adventure]

In “Nothing (Modded Map!)” nothing is one of the weirdest maps we’ve ever tested. And the story of the map is nothing spectacular and the challenges aren’t very difficult either. But one thing which

Minecraft pe maps: Call of Duty Zombies [Minigame] [Survival]

This is a survival minigame with several different levels where you have to fight zombies. This map uses clever redstone mechanisms to trigger certain occurences, such as spawning of zombies, accessing new levels and

Minecraft pe maps: Turok Dimension [Adventure]

This map includes more than fifty different types of challenges. And for the most part they relate to mob battles and parkour.  Note: In this map before starting the adventure make sure to set

Minecraft pe maps: Hardcore Runner III [Minigame]

This map is a fun speedrun minigame. You use potion effects to increase your speed and then try to complete all four levels without dying.  Creator: elihu007

Minecraft pe maps: 10 Smart Redstone Creations [Redstone]

This is a map which includes 10 smart redstone creations. They are incredibly useful and if you learn how to build this we can promise you that some things will get a whole lot

Minecraft pe maps: Test Subject 2: Advanced Testing (Modded Map) [Adventure]

This is the next chapter in a new and incredibly fun modded maps series. And  the tasks include evil snowmen, parkour and cube puzzles.  Rules Set difficulty to max Install This guide is for

Minecraft pe maps: Mined Prison: The Beginning (Chapter 1) [Adventure]

This is prison break adventure map. In this map you’ve been framed for a murder and put in prison for life. And  you want to escape and get your freedom back. Rules Don’t break

Minecraft pe maps: Mined Prison: Training Complete (Chapter 4)

This is a series of adventure maps which takes place in and around a prison.  And you completed certain tasks to escape the prison which kept you in there for invalid reasons in the