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Temple in Desert Village Seed For Minecraft PE

This is a really amazing desert village seed. The big attraction in this seed isn’t the village by itself. In this seed the cool thing is the desert temple which has been generated in


FLAT FLAT FLAT. Go backwards from spawn and then your there it not amazingly flat but it’s good if you go across from the first there there is a bit bigger flat bit. Enjoy!!! Seed: MINERS DREAM

Massive village For Minecraft PE

See: 1388582293

Mega Swamp biome Seed For Minecraft PE

Mega Swamp biome. This is a massive swamp go strait forward from spawn and then your there. Seed: JhonnyEnchantedApple

Perfect Survival Island Seed For Minecraft PE

In “Perfect Survival Island seed” you will spawn on the most perfect survival island I’ve ever come across in Minecraft Pocket Edition. The thing which makes it perfect (in my mind) is the shape

Village Island Seed for Minecraft PE

In “Village Island Seed”  from spawn look to your left and you will see this village, any questions feel free to message or leave a comment. Seed: 455473902

Great Starter Seed For Minecraft PE

In this seed multiple villages around spawn… And if you go straight from spawn you will arive at 2 villages in Desert (see pics) also turning left from those villages go until you run

A cool mushroom biome seed For Minecraft PE

This seed my cousin  found it but he wants me to post it. Seed: 1754 By: Mysticglint41

Awesome village and stronghold Seed For Minecraft PE

Awesome village and stronghold Seed. Awesome village and strong hold!plus awesome loot chest,to get to the strong hold dig under the well and walk around. Seed: robot By: KhoiDaBoss

Minecraft pe seeds: Four snow villages. Two with blacksmiths

Go straight from your spawn until you reach the first village with a blacksmith. Head out the village from (picture 1) then go straight to the second village and keep going straight to the