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NXUS Modern Architecture Series [Creation] For Minecraft PE

This is one of the most dedicated and realistic modern creations which is being built specifically for Minecraft Pocket Edition. This project started over a year ago and has since then grown into an

Minecraft pe maps: Redstone Mansion [Adventure]

In “Redstone Mansion map” you find a dark and gloomy swamp biome. This is an adventure map consisting of a couple of puzzle challenges where you have to use redstone to figure out the

Minecraft pe maps: Halloween Pumpkin Challenge (Modded Map) [Minigame]

In “Halloween Pumpkin Challenge ” you have to collect ten pumpkins. And you have only got ten minutes to complete the challenging so make sure to move quick. In this map besides the time

Minecraft pe maps: Mega Dropper Halloween [Minigame]

 In “Mega Dropper Halloween map“, there are five different levels to play which makes it shorter than usual but it’s nonetheless a great minigame with jaw-dropping levels to experience. This is the fourth map

Maps for minecraft pe: Ciudad City [Creation]

In “Ciudad City Map” you has many different type of buildings you would expect to find in a smaller city which is striving to expand. And there are buildings such as a fire department,

Maps for minecraft pe: Chicken [Parkour]

In “Chicken Parkour Map” you have two levels of parkour and five levels of questions about chickens in Minecraft. It is quite easy but the chicken questions will probably get a bit tricky assuming

Maps for minecraft pe: DaphneElaine’s Let’s Play World (S02E50) [Creation]

This map consists of beautiful creations with a lot of creative details which makes the map extraordinarily fun to explore. In this map it’s a tiny village there are lots of spaces to be

Minecraft pe maps: Furniture Ideas [Creation]

In “Furniture Ideas Map” you find about twenty different designs for furnitures and they are built using only blocks which exist in Minecraft by default (no mods needed!). Creator: HyperGamerz16

Minecraft pe maps: Haunted Mansion [Creation]

In “Haunted Mansion map” you see  a haunted mansion willingly. It has been ported from the PC version of Minecraft to Pocket Edition and the map features a large mansion which is decorated with

Minecraft pe maps: Hobbit House [Survival]

In “Hobbit House map” you find the house is built just in front of a river and there’s even a small dock at the house for boats. And surrounding the hobbit house is lots