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Rugged Jungle Mansion [Creation] For Minecraft PE

Rugged Jungle Mansion is a mansion, it is the perfect base for anyone who want to own their own huge mansion situated in a jungle. It has lots of room to fit plenty of

Modern Mountain Home [Creation] For Minecraft PE

Modern Mountain Home map features an amazing house embedded in a mountain. It is a very luxurious house with a really impressive exterior as well as an interior packed with amazing furniture and designs.

Rexzy’s Village [Creation] For Minecraft PE

In this map, Rexzy’s Village is a medieval styled village with multiple clock towers, churches and homes of varying sizes. And it work perfectly for a survival type of gameplay if you want to

Craftmania [Creation] For Minecraft PE

In the map you will be able to explore several towns, an amazing airport, army bases consisting of airports and missile bases. This is not just a city. It is an entire country consisting

Fantasy Town [Creation] For Minecraft PE

In Fantasy Town map you will find yourself in a cute town built in a medieval and fantasy style. It is a fairly small town but it could serve as a great starting point

Big Venom City [Creation] For Minecraft PE

This is a large city which is still a piece in improvement. It’s a realistic city with lots of different areas to explore. Consist of a suburb, an airport and even an army base.

The Heat Village [Creation] For Minecraft PE

This map is a medium-sized village with a surrounding wall structure which acts as fortification. The entire village is maintained redstone lamps which are switched on when it’s night time. There are also golems

Kingdom of Fairheaven [Creation] For Minecraft PE

This map is still a development in progress but this is the first release of the map. This looks to get an world famous stronghold which will be in a position to withstand almost

Traditional Hotel [Creation] For Minecraft PE

This map is a huge framework which is often considered either a really big mansion or a hotel. It has a magnificent looking room with tens of rooms to explore and some even to

Minecraft pe maps: TN City [Creation]

This is a big city which has been in development for over two years by two brothers.  Creator: TrungVietNam