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Villains Map [Adventure] For Minecraft PE

This is a map created by the Mojang team in celebration of the Villains Skin Pack launch. Play with up to 10 players in an awesome adventure map consisting of puzzles, races and other

The Mystic Mansion [Adventure] For Minecraft PE

The Mystic Mansion is a mystic adventure map which takes place in an old mansion somewhere out in a swamp far into the night. You will step inside a mansion of mysteries and figure

Frostburn Mystery [Adventure] For Minecraft PE

This is an adventure map which takes place in a small apocalyptic city. In this map most of the gameplay takes place during the night which means it is a quite scary map to

Simple: Lost Temple [Adventure] For Minecraft PE

This is an adventure map which takes place on the Davao Island somewhere in the Minecraftian sea. It is an island with ancient secrets and myths dating back thousands of years to ancient times,

Minecraft pe maps: Peirasmos Realm [Adventure]

This is an adventure map which have been in the works for more than 10 months. The result is absolutely amazing with tens of levels to complete packed with riddles, parkour, mazes and puzzles.

Minecraft pe maps: The Deserted Facility [Adventure]

“The Deserted Facility” is an adventure map taking place in an old deserted testing facility. In this map there are two levels with eight different puzzles and apparently you work as a security guard

Minecraft pe maps: Turok Dimension [Adventure]

This map includes more than fifty different types of challenges. And for the most part they relate to mob battles and parkour.  Note: In this map before starting the adventure make sure to set

Minecraft pe maps: Mario 3D Land [Adventure]

This is a very creative and fun adventure map. It makes use of the Super Mario texture pack and some custom sounds. You will feel just as playing a Super Mario game, but in

Minecraft pe maps: Tomb Crafter [Adventure] [Parkour]

This is an adventure and parkour map which consists of 23 different challenges. And you see challenges include some type of parkour but there are also other things to do such as mob battles.

Minecraft pe maps: Test Subject 2: Advanced Testing (Modded Map) [Adventure]

This is the next chapter in a new and incredibly fun modded maps series. And  the tasks include evil snowmen, parkour and cube puzzles.  Rules Set difficulty to max Install This guide is for