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The Legend of Zelda Craft PE [16×16] For Minecraft PE

The Legend of Zelda Craft PE is a texture pack suitable for anyone who is a fan of the Zelda games. Seeing as it is an incredibly popular gaming franchise it seems likely that

The Color Underground PE [16×16] For Minecraft PE

This is a cute texture pack in bright and joyful colors. The Color Underground PE looks good for most types of creations but mostly so for normal survival adventures and RPG styled creations. Creator: Aurum_32

Angry Birds Texture Pack [16×16] For Minecraft PE

Angry Birds Texture Pack  is a texture pack based on Angry Birds which is an incredibly popular game for Android and iOS devices. It takes some of the design elements found in the game

Ignaf’s Quadral PE [16×16] For Minecraft PE

This is an amazingly cute texture pack which include a replacement for almost all blocks and items. It is a very detailed pack with many cute details.And everything in this pack really make the

Techno’s Timeless PE [16×16] For Minecraft PE

This is a very simplistic texture pack. And it looks especially good for modern architecture: cities, and other areas which you want to look sharp and clean. Creator: _TechnoMiner_

Minecraft pe texture packs: Plunder’s Pixelcraft PE [16×16]

This is a low-resolution (16x) resource pack which exist in two versions: with and without shaders. Andd the textures are suitable if you want your world to look more medieval styled. With texture packs

Minecraft pe texture packs: Fletchercraft Texture Pack [Shaders] [16×16]

This is a detailed and bright colored texture pack which includes some amazing shaders. There are everything, including the sky and water, have been remodelled to add a more realistic look to the game. 

Texture packs: SimplixPE [16×16]

This is an extremely simplistic texture pack which make everything look much more clean. You will see a great combination of Minecraft’s blocky design with a touch of minimalism. Creator: jiglr

Minecraft pe texture packs: CodeCrafted PE [16×16]

In this texture pack you have the modified blocks and items include redstone, wool, glass and ores. The ores are not yet customized in this version but that’s likely something we’ll see in a

Minecraft pe texture packs: Fletchercraft Christmas [16×16] [Shaders]

This is a smooth, simplistic and fun texture pack suitable for anyone who want to get in mood for Christmas. You find blocks have be redesigned to look like Christmas gifts and mushroom appears