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Jungle Village & Two Desert Temples Seed For Minecrat PE

“Jungle Village & Two Desert Temples Seed” is great for survival adventures as it provides plenty of resources as soon as entering the world. You find two desert temples packed with all types of

Village & Witch Hut At Spawn Seed For Minecraft PE

In “Village & Witch Hut At Spawn seed” you will spawn in front of a village which is found in a swamp biome with a witch hut near by. Surrounding the village and witch

Minecraft pe seeds: Ice Spikes Biome At Spawn

In “Ice Spikes Biome At  seed” you will spawn right next to an ice spikes biome. The only walking you need to do to get there is to cross over a little river and

Triple Village At Spawn For Minecraft PE

In this seed villages aren’t exactly rare but whenever multiple villages are spawned at the same area that make them look as one larger village – as in the case – they immediately get

Islands, Village & Stronghold For Minecraft PE

Through this seed you will breed on a tiny island modern in the ocean. Somewhat further away is another island which house a tiny village and a bastion. 2 weeks. really nice seed well

Minecraft seeds pe: Dungeon in a Village

In this seed besides providing a great challenge for the player to explore they can also be used for building some kind of automatic mob grinder for loot. Dungeons are normally generated deep underground.

Minecraft pe seeds: Double Desert Temple

“Double Desert Temple” is a great seed to use for your next survival adventure. In this seed just a little further away from spawn you will find two desert temples which include loads of

Minecraft seeds pe: Triple Desert Village

“Triple Desert Village” is a seed where you will spawn not far from an enormous triple village. In this seed the village have 24 farms, two blacksmiths and more than 20 houses. And there

Minecraft pe seeds: Triple Village & Desert Temples

In “Triple Village & Desert Temples seed” we will show you how to find a really cool triple mountain village with two blacksmiths. And you see not far from the triple village you will

Minecraft pe seeds: Extreme Mountain Landscape

In “Extreme Mountain Landscape seed” you will be able to find amazingly large mountains which are surrounded by a large ocean. And in fact no land connecting the mountains and as a result you