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Minecraft pe seeds: Five Villages (Quintuple Village!)

In “Five Villages seed” you find a quintuple village is in fact five villages combined tightly together making it look as one entire village. Villages are incredibly rare but every time we come across

Minecraft pe seeds: Apple Village Island

In “Apple Village Island” you find some tools used by the blacksmith, but no, what we found were 7 apples and 2 saplings. 7 apples 3 ink sacs 1 iron chestplate 2 saplings 2

Seed minecraft pe: Two Double Villages in a Hilly Landscape

 In “Two Double Villages in a Hilly Landscape Seed” you will be able to explore two double villages that have been generated just next to each other. 2 iron ingots 2 gold ingots 3

Minecraft pe seeds: Unusual Double Village

In “Unusual Double Village seed” you will spawn close to a double village. It is quite unique because of the differently generated houses. One good example is the farm which is generated on top

Minecraft pocket edition seeds: Find Diamond, Gold & Iron Ores Quickly

In “Find Diamond, Gold & Iron Ores Quickly” you will spawn in a village which is located next to a river in a flat landscape biome. You will begin by making a little marker

Minecraft pe seeds with villages: Rare Island Village

In “Rare Island Village” you will spawn on a rounded and flat island.  You will find a small village which got a few houses, farms and even a little dock for boats. They are

Seeds for minecraft pe: Island Village With Blacksmith

In “Island Village With Blacksmith” you  will be able to get some amazing loot from a blacksmith. The village itself is very unique as almost the entire village has been generated in the water.

Minecraft pe jungle seed: Almost A Jungle Village

In “Almost A Jungle Village Seed” you find a very different village. You see it is not an ordinary village because it has partly been generated in a jungle biome which causes some of

Minecraft pe seeds: Five Villages At Spawn

In “Five Villages At Spawn seed”  you will spawn at a desert village which is closely situated next to four other villages. They together provide a lot resources (like food and building materials) which

Minecraft pe seeds: Mushroom Village

 In “Mushroom Village” you will spawn very close to a village which this has happened to. Half of the village is generated in the mushroom biome which looks kind of cool. Seed: Wizzz000