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Minecraft pe seeds: Three Villages & Great Chests

In “Three Villages & Great Chests Seed” you will be able to see a village on your just a little further ahead on your left. It is quite small but has been nicely generated

Minecraft pe seeds: High-Rise Building in a Village

In “High-Rise Building in a Village Seed”  you will notice the village and the high-rise building and some of the smaller houses have been generated in and on a hill and there’s also a

Minecraft seeds pe: Five Villages At Spawn

In “Five Villages At Spawn Seed” you find three blacksmiths in three of the five villages. And in the blacksmiths chests you will find some of the most amazing loot we’ve ever seen. Items:

Minecraft pe seeds: Mountain Overhang

In “Mountain Overhang Seed” you will find an epic mountain overhang very close to the spawn. It has all those features which makes it almost unrealistic, but in a cool way. Video: Seed: 79658  

Minecraft pe seeds: Two Survival Islands

In “Two Survival Islands Seed” you will spawn on a small survival island but with plenty of trees which you can use to build your first shetler for the night to come. You just

Minecraft pe seeds: Extreme Jungle Biome

“Extreme Jungle Biome” is a great jungle seed where you will spawn in it and just a little further ahead you will see a desert and a large mountain made out of sand and

Minecraft pe seeds: Mushroom Biome At Spawn

In “Mushroom Biome At Spawn” you only have to do a little bit of swimming to come to a huge mushroom biome. The spawn is on an island but just continue straight forward across

Minecraft pe seeds: Gold & Diamonds Under Spawn

“Gold & Diamonds Under Spawn Seed” is a great seed where you will be able to find both diamonds and gold only by digging some under spawn. This seed a super good seed to use

Minecraft pe seeds: Two Villages Seed

In “Two Villages Seed” the spawn is before the first village near the metal forger, the  first village is the most fascinating one and not just in light of the metal forger. A portion

Minecraft pe seeds: Small Mountain Village

In “Small Mountain Village Seed” the spawn is on the side of a quite tall hill in front of a little village. The village has partly been generated on top of the hill and