Minecraft pe mods: Meteors Mod

This mod adds 9 different types of meteors which can fall from the sky. You  can be enabled and disabled they by the use of a simple text command. Note: they are incredibly dangerous and should only be used in worlds which you aren’t neccessarily very careful about as they can cause some serious damage.


  • /met start – enables random meteor spawning and turns meteor broadcasting on
  • /met end – disables the above things
  • /met spawn – toggles random meteor spawning
  • /met broadcast – toggles the meteor broadcasting
  • /met create – generates a random meteor somewhere in your area
  • /met storm – starts a popper storm (fire & explosions)

Item IDs

  • Meteor Spawner (640)
  • Snow Meteor Spawner (641)
  • Fire Meteor Spawner (642)
  • Monster Meteor Spawner (643)
  • Glowstone Meteor Spawner (644)
  • Nether Meteor Spawner (645)
  • End Meteor Spawner (646)
  • Man Made Meteor Spawner (647)
  • King Meteor Spawner (648)
  • Popper (649)
  • Fire Popper (650)

Meteors Mod

Meteors Mod

Meteors Mod

Install Guide

  1. Begin by downloading the zip file by pressing the download button further down.
  2. After you’ve downloaded the zip file use ES File Explorer (or any other file manager app) to extract the zip file.
  3. This should give you two new files: Meteors Mod Texture – Dr and Meteors_Mod_V2.js
  4. Use BlockLauncher to install the textures (Meteors Mod Texture – Dr
  5. Next use BlockLauncher to import the mod (Meteors_Mod_V2.js).
  6. You are now finished. It’s always recommended to restart BlockLauncher to make sure the mod works!

Download Mod

Creator: Dr Lazuli, Twitter Account


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