Don’t Take Damage (Modded Map!) [Minigame] For Minecraft PE

This is a quite self-explanatory map. In each level you will spawn with just a tiny bit of health and you have to carefully make your way down to the bottom of the level without dying.

Don’t Take Damage (Modded Map!) [Minigame]

Don’t Take Damage (Modded Map!) [Minigame]

Don’t Take Damage (Modded Map!) [Minigame]


  1. Press the download button further down to download a zip file.
  2. Extract the folder and files from the zip file using ES File Explorer.
  3. Install the map (click for guide).
  4. Use BlockLauncher to install the mod files (.js scripts) (click for guide).

Download Map

Creators: AlastoroidTNC, Omkar14


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