Craftable Saddle & Horse Armors Mod For Minecraft PE

Craftable Saddle & Horse Armors Mod adds crafting recipes for the horse armors and the leather saddle. Unless you use this mod none of the items (besides the leather horse armor) is possible to craft and can only be found in chests.


  • Diamond Horse Armor (ID: 419) – 6 diamonds + 1 obsidian block
  • Gold Horse Armor (ID: 418) – 6 gold ingots + 1 obsidian block
  • Iron Horse Armor (ID: 417) – 6 iron ingots + 1 obsidian block
  • Leather Horse Armor (ID: 416) – 7 leather (default recipe)
  • Saddle (ID: 329) – 5 leather + 1 iron ingot

Craftable Saddle & Horse Armors Mod

Download Mod

Creator: SlapDashMC


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