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PC GUI Mod For Minecraft PE

This mod is a resource pack which works for version 0.15.9/0.16.0+. It changes the design of most interface menus in Minecraft Pocket Edition to look like the ones in the PC version of Minecraft.

Smart Flying House [Redstone] For Minecraft PE

This redstone map features a nice little house which can fly. Basically it is a machine which has been built next to the house and once started it will start pushing the house in

Rugged Jungle Mansion [Creation] For Minecraft PE

Rugged Jungle Mansion is a mansion, it is the perfect base for anyone who want to own their own huge mansion situated in a jungle. It has lots of room to fit plenty of

More Pistons Mod For Minecraft PE

The More Pistons Mod adds 9 new pistons to the game. The difference from the ordinary piston is that these have longer piston arms. They’re really useful as they provide a better range for

Ocean Monument Near Spawn Seed For Minecraft PE

In Ocean Monument Near Spawn seed you will be able to find an ocean monument very close to spawn. And the ocean monument is a new type of structure which generates at random in

Craftable Saddle & Horse Armors Mod For Minecraft PE

Craftable Saddle & Horse Armors Mod adds crafting recipes for the horse armors and the leather saddle. Unless you use this mod none of the items (besides the leather horse armor) is possible to

BossFighter [Minigame] For Minecraft PE

This is a quite enjoyable map to experience.. BossFighter features five different boss levels. The bosses range from everything from a destructive fighter jet to a robot which has gone haywire and wants to

Temple in Desert Village Seed For Minecraft PE

This is a really amazing desert village seed. The big attraction in this seed isn’t the village by itself. In this seed the cool thing is the desert temple which has been generated in

Villains Map [Adventure] For Minecraft PE

This is a map created by the Mojang team in celebration of the Villains Skin Pack launch. Play with up to 10 players in an awesome adventure map consisting of puzzles, races and other

Herobrine Boss PE Mod For Minecraft PE

In this mod you fight the evil Herobrine in an incredible battle for life and death. He has some amazing powers so make sure you are well geared up before taking on the challenge.